martes, 24 de junio de 2014

Map included in the Cthulhu mayan idol prop set.

This is the map , with some references to Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark map , included in the paperprop set of the Cthulhu Mayan idol. I will be casting and listing units in Etsy ... take a look for them!

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

Mayan idol prop set .

Prop set "mayan idol prop set"
Set consisting of an idol of Cthulhu carved in "stone" , a 1920 prop map of Central America , a folder of Miskatonic University with a photo of the idol and log data, a picture of the mayan pyramid where it was found and one map drawn by the Miskatonic expedition to the jungle.
It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed .
Ideal for thematic collections of Lovecraft, RPG, or collections of curiosities.
This is an OPEN edition , it means that quantity will not be strictly limited . I´ll be casting and preparing more sets in the future.
Look at : for more photos. and at Etsy shop for purchasing one.

jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Wee Bones resin minifigures

I have finished my last thing , this time is a resin minifigure. I love Toy Art so I decided to make something in this way to explore the possibilities with resin . I ´ve made some units with coloured resin  and I´ve customized one with epoxy and acrilic eyes ...A basic shape could give many customizing possibilities I want to explore.
This first batch is available throug my Etsy store : El dodo albino shop

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Fairy fossil

I´ve finally finished this piece. A fairy fossil.
It is a resin cast  of an original sculpt made by me. I am learning the basis of moldmaking and this is my second piece using molds. This one is a two piece mold...that means that every cast has front and back , making it more realistic (It is not flat in the back side )
After casting each piece in a precoloured resin mix , I paint each one with acrylic washes and other powder pigments. It is covered with a matte varnish coat to protect .
You can look for them at Etsy : Etsy shop
I continue with moldmaking and resin mix is a very interesting field to explore!

viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013

New Cthulhu sets listed soon at Etsy ! / Nuevos sets Cthulhu en Etsy pronto!

I´ve run out of prepared sets of my last prop set , the Cthulhu bone idol. During next week I´ll list 5 more. Run is of 25 worldwide and there are 18 left now. Stay tuned for next week when numbers 8 to  12 will be on Etsy.

Me he quedado sin sets preparados de mi último pack del ídolo de hueso de Cthulhu. Durante la próxima semana pondré más en Etsy. La tirada es de 25 para todo el mundo y quedan 18 ahora.La próxima semana en Etsy estarán los números 8 al 12 disponibles.

miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

Cthulhu bone idol prop set / Set de props Cthulhu de hueso.

These days I´ve been learning the basic things to cast from molds. I am very happy with the result , a "bone idol Cthulhu" . Resin color really helps on making this to appear like bone or teeth with a Little bit of polishing and painting after casted.
I decided to make a small run of these , of 25 worldwide that could be purchased through Etsy.I´ll be listing them in waves , not all at one time. You can ask me for the availability if you want.
It is a set that contains two photos , a map , a Miskatonic folder , a  sheet of the museum and one drawing .
I have make my own "Miskatonic" University seal , based on the one  made by Propnomicon  , the reference blog site for all Lovecraft fans.
I also purchased a vintage antarctic map from the '20 that is included as aged print on the set.
My idea is to make sets of this kind from time to time : strange artifacts on small runs .
Hope you like it!!!

Estos días he estado aprendiendo las cosas básicas para hacer copias en resina con moldes de silicona. Estoy muy contento con el resultado , un "Ídolo de Cthulhu de hueso". El color de la resina ayuda mucho a la apariencia de hueso o diente tallado con un poco de pulido y pintura.
He decidido hacer una pequeña tirada del set , 25 para todo el mundo que pueden comprarse a través de Etsy.Iré listándolos por partes , no todos a la vez. Podéis mandarme un mensaje para preguntar disponibilidad.
Es un set que contiene dos fotos , un mapa , una carpetilla de la Universidad de Miskatonic , una hoja del museo y un dibujo
He hecho mi propio logo de la universidad de Miskatonic , basado en el que hizo Propnomicon , el blog de referencia para los fans de Lovecraft.
También compré un mapa antiguo de la Antártida de los años 20 que se incluye como impresión envejecida en el set.
Mi idea es hacer sets de este tipo de cuando en cuando .
Espero que os guste!!!

Blog update.


These are some of my last Works on Sculpey. I did them during this summer and were sold at Etsy. Just forgot to update my blog...