lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Dubious expedition show pieces

Last saturday  the Dubious expedition show at Leanna Lin´s wonderland gallery was opened. These are the pieces I did for the collective expo . Many other artists participate too with a wide variety of styles .

The plot for the show is more or less is as follows :
In 1876, led by Captain James Maury, the H.M.S Chimera set sail from the Port of London with a  charter to circumnavigate the globe for the purposes of collecting scientific and anthropological specimens for the collection of the British Empire.
Captain Maury was convinced of --nay, obsessed with--  the existence of the island kingdom of Jobogo: an archipelago in the Pacific that every other scientist, cartographer and naval officer of the time dismissed as mythical.  Maury claimed to have seen it at a distance in his early whaling days.
While other ships’ logs mention coming across the H.M.S Chimera during their own voyages, reporting the crew in good spirits and great health, the H.M.S Chimera disappears from records in 1877. In 1878, the ship and her crew are considered officially lost at sea.
In 1900, the H.M.S. Chimera returns home with a cargo hold full of dazzling and wonderful things, but only two crew members - the ship’s navigator, and the cook. Neither navigator nor cook were able to explain the contents of their cargo hold, or in fact - any aspect of their voyage at all. The ship’s cook was institutionalized shortly thereafter, and the navigator spoke of little else but the “glorious horrors” until he disappeared on a Scottish moor three months later.
The findings of the Chimera were quickly sequestered into the collection of the British Museum, and hidden away for over a century.
I used real vintage boxes for the dinosaur and fairy pieces , casted polyurethane resin for fossils and modern but aged bottles for the fetuses. Museum tags are as the ones used in the british museum as well as the red stamp that appears in the big labels for the boxes and fossils.

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  1. Fascinante, me encantan este tipo de cosas, trabajas de una forma maravillosa. Con ganas de ver mas despues de ver entera todas las entradas de tu blog... :D

  2. OMG... and, now here they are ....for all the world to see,,... categorized and saved....hhahhaha..this is great....